St. Hubert's Welcomes Dogs From South Korea Meat Farm

St. Hubert’s Assists Dogs Once Destined for Slaughter on South Korean Dog Meat Farm

Ambassador dogs for change will get care and new lives starting in New Jersey

[Madison, NJ] (April 28, 2016) ― An emergency shelter operation has been set up at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center to welcome and care for more than 120 dogs rescued by Humane Society International (HSI) from a dog meat farm in South Korea. The dogs began arriving on April 26th and are being provided medical treatment, time for adjustment and will later be put up for adoption.

The dogs are part of a group of 250 dogs and puppies rescued by HSI’s Animal Rescue Team from a dog meat farm in Wonju, South Korea. The case is part of HSI’s efforts to redirect farmers to engage in other economic activities and who agree to permanently end the farming of dogs for the meat trade and dismantle the cages. The farmer who released these animals will now be growing mushrooms; other farmers HSI has worked with have chosen to grow blueberries.

“We are proud to welcome these deserving animals and make sure their stories are told to help effect change,” said Heather Cammisa, President and CEO of St. Hubert’s. “Two of the Huskies were so happy to see one another again, they were face licking and frolicking in the cage when reunited. It is important for the world to see the individuals impacted,” Cammisa added.

Kelly O’Meara, director of companion animals and engagement for HSI, said, “We are so grateful to St. Hubert’s for partnering with us to provide the immediate stateside care for these animals and be one of our placement partners for these animals to begin lives anew.”

The dogs will be placed through shelters across the North East. St. Hubert’s estimates they will keep twenty or so dogs for direct placement. Shelters on the east coast where these dogs will be available for adoption include*:

Monmouth County SPCA , NJ (732) 542-0040
Animal Alliance NJ (609) 635-7006
Dutchess County SPCA, NY (845) 452-7722
Cumberland County SPCA & South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter, NJ (856) 691-1500
Lancaster SPCA, PA (717) 917-6979
Humane Society of Atlantic City, NJ (609) 347-2487
Animal Rescue League, PA (412) 345-7300
Mastiffs to Mutts, PA [email protected]
Rescue our Furry Friends,  PA 1-877-933-ROFF (7633)
Second Chance Animal Shelter, MA (508) 867-5525
Upper Valley Humane Society, NH (603) 448-6888
Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, ME (207) 854-9771
New Hampshire SPCA, (603) 772-2921

*The dogs who have been cared for at St. Hubert's from South Korea have been given medical treatment and time for adjustment; some are available for adoption, both at St. Hubert's and at shelters along the East Coast (please see list above) and others will become available for adoption in the coming weeks. Please check this page and like us on Facebook for more details. Please see below for video updates and photos of the South Korean dogs here at St. Hubert's. Thank you for caring!


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