Introducing The Feline Pipeline

St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center’s Feline Pipeline transport program is a part of our lifesaving, four-tiered outreach program, which enables us to expand our local, regional, and national reach by working in collaboration with other organizations at all levels to relocate pets to shelters where they have a better chance of being adopted, based on differing community demands across New Jersey and across the country.

We participate in organized programs which invest in the source communities toward solutions to the overpopulation of dogs and cats in their areas.  All animals transported from other areas of the country to St. Hubert’s have been fully vetted and vaccinated prior to arrival, and no local animals in our care are displaced to accommodate them. Our experienced staff pilot and supervise the trips made by our fleet of transport vehicles, including our custom 26-foot vehicle The Zephyr, ensuring a safe, happy journey for pets and increased adoption opportunities for pets in need. 

For more information about becoming a Feline Pipeline Partner, please contact Becky Burton, VP of Direct Animal Care & Lifesaving Partnerships at [email protected] or 973-377-2295.


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