Betty Temby

Betty Temby began volunteering at St. Hubert’s Madison campus in 1989, and spent seven years helping there. She walked dogs, pitched in at Doggy Day Camp, assisted with the annual art show and staffed tables at numerous offsite events.  In 1996, after she and her husband moved closer to the North Branch shelter, Betty decided to turn her attention to the cats there. That was more than 20 years ago(!) and the felines at North Branch have benefited from her devoted care ever since.

Betty is at the shelter every Saturday, rain or shine. She makes sure she knows all the cats that are available for adoption so she can provide information to potential adopters and help make the right match. She particularly enjoys spending time with the cats that need some extra socialization. North Branch manager Pam Fyfe says that, “Betty is always smiling… she is so happy when she is around the cats, and even happier when she is able to send a kitty home.”

Betty grew up with dogs and cats, and her earliest memories include loving her grandmother’s kitties. She has adopted three cats from St. Hubert's. We are grateful that Betty chooses to spend her time helping the cats at the North Branch shelter. She says simply, “I like to see them get adopted.”

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