Roy Morance

For almost nine years, with little fanfare, volunteer Roy Morance has devoted one Sunday every month to St. Hubert’s. Rain or shine (“March was bad,” he says with some understatement,) Roy and his friends Kathy and Eleanor set up a table in front of the Hackettstown or Ledgewood Walmart. They hand out wish lists, collect cash and donations, and talk to people about the animals at St. Hubert’s. In May their drive raised more than $700 in cash and supplies.

Soliciting donations doesn’t come naturally to Roy, who is on the shy side, but his passion outweighs his reticence “We do it for the animals,” he says.

After a 38 year career as a CPA and controller of a publishing company, Roy retired in 2016. The self-described workaholic stayed home for precisely one day, before launching into multiple volunteer activities that include ESL tutoring, two food banks, a dog rescue and Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. With a schedule like this, St. Hubert’s is very lucky to have him one day a month!


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