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NEW Level 2 - A Week of Working Behavior Cases

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A Week of Working Behavior Cases

Announcing a new Level 2 Behavior Workshop designed for experienced dog trainers or students seeking more hands-on experience with challenging behavior cases.

Hands-On at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center with
CATCH Canine Trainers Academy

The Week of Working Behavior Cases workshop integrates the topics taught in our other two workshops and applies them at a more advanced level to work on behavior problem solving with the shelter dogs for a full week.  Students will be assigned dogs with specific behavior challenges and then with expert guidance and coaching, you will assess the dogs, devise behavior modification plans, and carry out training.
The minimum prerequisite is one of the following CATCH workshops:

  • Professional Training Skills

  • Body Language, Behavior, & Problem Solving

If you have completed one of the above, but not both, we will ask you about your studies and experience in the topics of the other workshop.

Highlights of Topics and Learning Experiences 

1. Get Assigned Behavior Cases – You will train dogs with challenging issues that can be improved through b-mod work over the course of the week.

  • Devise and document your:

    • management plan

    • behavior modification plan

2. Assess and build various motivators/rewards

  • Session rewards and life rewards

  • Human-dog play

    • Teach full sequences of tug and fetch with rules

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3. Advanced Training

  • Get assigned a core set of behaviors to train based on the needs of the dog

  • Train to a specific standard including generalization for multiple environments and situations

  • Document your baseline and progressive steps as you and the dog advance

  • Demonstrate proof of generalization

    • Performance in various environments and situations

    • Cold trials and use of varied reinforcers

4. Create handouts for help with common problems

  • Author your own info sheets or checklists for clients, dog services staff, or shelter teams

This is going to be a WOW week for the dogs, students, and instructors alike!  If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity to fine-tune your skills, just hit reply on this email and write, "tell me more."


For in-depth details on study topics and more click here: Dog Trainer Workshops

Or contact Student Support: 
877.752.2824 (877.75.CATCH) | [email protected]


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