Starting Life Anew

Update: June 27th

Wigglebutt Dog Grooming  was on site to assist, making sure each pup was nice and clean.

Wigglebutt Dog Grooming was on site to assist, making sure each pup was nice and clean.

It’s been over two weeks since the rescue of 188 dogs from a property in Hunterdon County. In this short amount of time we’ve seen so much progress in each of them. So far we’ve adopted out 15 of the Parson Russell Terriers to loving homes and still have 28 of them in our care. Check out the story of Bo, the first dog adopted from the rescue!

After physical and behavioral evaluations on every dog, we were able to select the canines we’ve felt were ready to be transported to other organizations and be placed for adoption. We happily accepted assistance from many wonderful organizations throughout New Jersey and up the East Coast. Below are our partners who welcomed Parson Terriers into their care over the last two weeks:

A big thank you to our partners at Massachusetts SPCA (MSPCA) and Dakin Humane Society, Springfield, MA who both sent skilled medical teams down the day the dogs were removed. We also want to thank our friends at RedRover who deployed volunteers to help our staff with cleaning, caring for and socializing the dogs. We also greatly appreciate the Morris County Animal Response Team (MCART) and the Morris County Office of Emergency Management for coming to the rescue with the emergency shelters and generators as well as individual dog housing equipment.

We couldn’t have done this without the help of all these wonderful organizations!

What a Difference a Couple of Days Makes!

Update: June 14th


Today, our behavior team started introducing the dogs to a variety of tastes and scents including peanut butter and cream cheese. Each day they make progress and we are so happy to see their personalities shining through. When dogs come from situations like this rescue in Hunterdon County, they’ve often never experienced the simple joys in life. Walking on the grass, playing with toys and indulging in treats are all new to them.

We anticipate some of the dogs being available for adoption tomorrow, June 15th, at our Madison Shelter. Check out our adoption process here We open for adoptions from Noon-6pm.

Take a look at all of our adoptable pets here

Dogs From Emergency Rescue Settling In

Update: June 13th


THANK YOU! We are overwhelmed by the response from our community to help us care for the dogs rescued from Hunterdon County this week. Your support has helped us provide nutritious food, comfortable bedding, vaccinations, medications and grooming to each dog in our care. After giving them some time to settle in, our team has begun assessing each dog’s behavioral needs. Many have spent time outside in the fresh air with our staff as we get to know each of their personalities. We are so grateful to have them safe in our arms, and thankful for YOU! As they become available for adoption within the next two weeks, we will post updates.

If you’d like to make a tax deductible contribution to their care, visit our Facebook Fundraiser or on our secure website: We are also in need of clean blankets and towels, along with canned dog food, treats and toys. Our Amazon Wish List can be found here:…/…/ls/28KLTV0S98CQY/ref=as_li_ss_tl….

St. Hubert’s Rescues 188 Dogs


St. Hubert’s was on site today at an undisclosed location effecting the removal of a large number of small dogs from the property following the service of a warrant by a Humane Law Enforcement Officer this morning. St. Hubert’s was asked to provide its expertise in both the removal and the triage, emergency sheltering and care of the dogs which initial estimates indicate may well number more than one hundred. As access to the property has just been gained we do not yet have a better answer as to the total number of animals and their condition. Staff and volunteers have spent the last 72 hours working nonstop to prepare for their arrival. We know that all will be in need of vaccination, deworming and spay/neuter. We anticipate discovering medical issues at a variety of levels. We urgently need your help to provide the basic level of care they need and deserve for these unexpected arrivals. Please consider a donation, which will be matched under our current Matching Gift Challenge. As soon as we have additional information and authorization to release it we will be sure to keep you updated. Many of our followers will remember that this rescue is occurring almost exactly three years after the early June rescue of almost 300 small dogs in Howell Township New Jersey.


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