Sheila Johns

When Sheila Johns retired she knew she wanted to spend her time volunteering with animals. That was in 2007, and dogs at the North Branch shelter have benefited from her attention, skill and empathy ever since.

A lifelong dog owner, Sheila has always been on their wave length. (“Easier than my kids!” she jokes.) She’s a canine coach (a designation for the most experienced North Branch volunteers) who has worked closely with St. Hubert’s trainers. Sheila enjoys spending her time with the more challenging dogs to help increase their chance for adoption. And she appreciates the care they receive from staff and volunteers alike. She likes that the staff treat each animal as an individual and try to meet his/her needs.When her daughter had to surrender her own two dogs, Sheila knew they would be well cared for as they waited to be adopted.

Most recently she has taken an interest in Salvatore, with whom she is pictured here. Since St. Hubert’s instituted a dog field trip and short term foster program, this lucky senior has gone for walks in the park with Sheila and home with her as well.

The staff at North Branch appreciates Sheila’s professionalism and that she takes her role seriously.  Manager Pam Fyfe says, “She is very observant when it comes to dogs that need extra attention on the leash, and works with them on listening to their handler. Sheila is an awesome canine coach; she cares so much about what she does.”

Sheila J.jpg

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