Support our Rocket Fund for urgent medical needs

Please help us ensure that our Rocket Fund is replenished for dogs and cats like Greta, Katie and Remy.

Greta, a 6 week old kitten, arrived at St. Hubert's in need of immediate veterinary care. Her eye was severely infected and swollen, and needed to be removed. She is now feeling so much better and growing stronger each day in foster care!

Katie, 4 years old, came to St. Hubert's as part of our WayStation program from our Sister Shelter in South Carolina. We treated her for heartworm, and soon learned her mouth needed extensive dental surgery with multiple extractions. She is now adopted and in a loving home!

Remy was found as a stray on the side of the road in a nearby NJ town. This sweet 8 year old dog had many fractured teeth, requiring pre-surgical bloodwork and multiple teeth extractions. We were able to give him the medical attention he needed thanks to your support, and he is now living life with his new family!


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