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St. Hubert's Pet Retention Program offers a free Pet Helpline to assist pet guardians faced with behavioral concerns, missing pets and those in need of finding additional resources. We also have a Facebook page where we share behavior tips, lost and found pets, and community events helpful to pets and their guardians.

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Have you ever struggled with a pet's behavior?
Were you able to resolve the behavior issue?
Have you ever reached out for help with a troubling behavior?
IE: Didn't know where to go, afraid of being judged, lack of financial resources, etc.
Have you, or anyone you know, ever had to rehome a pet due to behavior issues?
Would you have been able to keep the pet had behavior help been available?
If you needed help with a pet, which would be the easiest way for you to reach out?
Did you know that St. Hubert's offers free behavior help for cats and dogs?
Have you ever contacted the St. Hubert's Pet Helpline?
Select yes only if you have contacted our Pet Helpline regarding a lost/found pet or a behavior issue. Please do not include contacting shelter locations for issues such as adoption, animal control or donations.
What types of behavior tips or resources would you be interested in?
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Tell us how we can reach you! (If you prefer to remain anonymous, leave blank.)
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