New Jerseyans share the environment with a wide variety of wild animal neighbors who rarely need our help. With a little effort we can enjoy the presence of many and use humane methods to deter those who are better off living further from our homes.

Spring is the breeding season for our indigenous wildlife and it’s important that we respect their privacy and ability to raise their young in peace.

When human help is necessary it MUST be provided by trained, licensed NJ wildlife rehabilitators—it’s the law.

Well meaning people often intervene when it’s not necessary—and in our area most frequently come upon fawns, baby rabbits and young birds. Click here for tips to help you decide whether or not the animal needs help.

Below are links to species-specific fact sheets for many of the wildlife indigenous to New Jersey and surrounding areas. In addition to information about the needs and habits of these animals there are useful tips to ensure a peaceful co-existence with those with whom we share the environment. Our native wildlife are fascinating creatures and the more we learn about them the more we can appreciate the beneficial roles they play in nature.  Humane methods of preventing, reducing and resolving conflict enable both both animals and humans to enjoy life in relative proximity to each other.

 Beaver factsheet

Coyote factsheet

Fox factsheet

Duck factsheet

Woodchuck factsheet

Raccoon factsheet

Skunk factsheet

Squirrel factsheet

Solutions for coyote conflicts

While most wild animals are equipped to live successfully in their natural habitats, situations requiring human intervention do occur.  When such intervention is necessary, injured or orphaned wildlife must be cared for by state licensed wildlife rehabilitators.   Following is a link to the current roster of NJ licensed rehabilitators. While they are listed by county (and by specific species if applicable) please note that all are licensed by the state and their assistance is not limited to their county of location.  

NJ wildlife rehabilitator directory



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