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Implementing a Humane Egg Addling Program

Implementing a Humane Egg Addling Program

Nora Parker, Goodwill Ambassador & Assistant to President, St. Hubert's

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Rounding up and killing entire flocks of geese has become an all-too-common (and temporary) fix in many communities. Besides being inhumane, it also leaves room for a new flock to move in. Learn how you can help minimize human-goose conflicts by implementing a humane egg addling program to keep Canada goose populations down.

Nora Parker is St. Hubert’s Goodwill Ambassador and Asst. to the CEO. She has been on board since 1977 in a variety of programmatic roles and has enjoyed being a part of the organization’s evolution to the forefront of life-saving initiatives and the development of community outreach services. She has taken the Egg Addling training and is an egg-addling coach. She’s guided both staff members and municipal employees through the relatively easy process of implementing addling as the humane approach to living in harmony with Canada Geese.   

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