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In it for the Long Haul: Thriving in a Challenging Work Environment (AM Session)

In it for the Long Haul: Thriving in a Challenging Work Environment

(10am-2pm session)

Hilary Anne Hager, Senior Director of Volunteer Engagement, HSUS

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This workshop will provide attendees with the tools needed to stay resilient as they face the day-to-day challenges of their work in the animal protection field. The workshop will provide participants with a shared language and understanding of the causes and symptoms of Compassion Fatigue as well as a suite of skills that can be used to build and maintain a healthy and intentional culture of skillful communication, openness, and personal responsibility. Participants will also have the opportunity to create a personal plan of action.

Note: This course has been pre-approved for Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing education credits.

Hilary Anne Hager has spent the last seventeen years managing volunteers in animal welfare environments and currently serves as the Senior Director of Volunteer Engagement at The Humane Society of the United States. Engaging volunteers in meaningful work to make the world a more humane place is Hilary’s passion and life’s work. She teaches compassion fatigue workshops around the country to help provide members of the animal protection community the support and resources to maintain their own well-being while working in a challenging and emotionally-charged environment.

In addition to managing volunteers in shelters, Hilary has been a volunteer herself at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Washington State, and served on the board of directors for a chimpanzee sanctuary, the Washington State Federation of Animal Care and Control Agencies, and a “friends-of” non-profit group supporting the work of a municipally-operated shelter. Hilary holds a master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership from Seattle University.

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