Criteria To Participate

  1. Dogs must be at least 6 months old and accustomed to being left in a crate for a short period of time
  2. All dogs must be up-to-date on the following vaccinations:  
  3. Distemper, Rabies and Bordatella.  Proof is required.
  4. All dogs must be spayed or neutered
  5.  Dogs must wear quick-snap buckle collars at camp.  
  6. Flea and tick collars are not allowed; dogs must be given alternative treatments for flea and tick prevention, such as Advantage or Frontline.
  7. Owners should make St. Hubert's aware of any physical conditions or disabilities that may preclude their dogs from participating in playtime or other activities.
  8. Dogs will not be allowed to participate in Doggy Day Camp if ill, injured or showing signs of aggressive behavior toward people or dogs.  St. Hubert's will not be responsible for administering medication, but we would like to be aware of any medication your dog is taking.

Pet parents will be required to complete an application form and sign a liability waiver prior to their dogs' first camp session.


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