St. Hubert’s Rescues 39 Cats in Crisis in South Bound Brook

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As the agency providing animal rescue and control for The Borough of South Bound Brook, St. Hubert’s was called for assistance on Wednesday afternoon, October 23. During an eviction process, multiple cats were discovered inside an apartment. Our animal control officers arrived on scene and removed 39 cats, carefully searching the premises to be certain all were located and moved to safety. They will of course check again tomorrow just to be absolutely certain none in hiding are left behind. Thankfully the caretaker was able to understand the seriousness of the crisis and agreed to sign custody of the cats over to St Hubert’s. While the majority of the kitties are friendly and seek human attention they are in pretty rough shape, many appearing to be suffering from untreated upper respiratory infections and they are badly undernourished. The medical team is in overdrive and cats are being individually examined. Vaccination and treatments are underway. It’s already obvious to the team that all of them are going to require acute medical care, a nutritious feeding regimen and spay/neuter at the least before they will be ready for adoption. These new arrivals in dire straits so soon after this summer’s rescue of 193 cats in similar condition means our resources for their care are depleted. We need your help to ensure we can provide these deserving little ones everything they’ll need to bring them back to good health and happiness. Please make a special gift towards the care and healing of this special group.


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