Animals From North Carolina Flood Area Arrive At St. Hubert's

October 16, 2016:  St. Hubert’s team always stands ready to assist however we can in response to natural and man-made disasters.  As an Emergency Placement Partner (EPP) with The Humane Society of the United States, we received a request to help by accepting animals from Wayne County Animal Adoption and Education Center in North Carolina. Wayne County is part of the region affected by devastating flooding from Hurricane Matthew.  We agreed to accept 10 dogs into our adoption program and further offered to serve as the “hub” for a transport to northeast EPPs.   A large transport, carrying animals for a number of partners, could travel to St. Hubert’s and partners could assemble at the Madison campus to meet its arrival.  Distance transports best practices call for pets to be on the vehicle no longer than 10 hours at a stretch, making St. Hubert’s a good stopping point for animals traveling further.   Dogs can be walked to relieve themselves and get some exercise before heading out on the rest of the journey.   Logistics were quickly taken care of and the transport was set to take place on Saturday, 10/15  with pets on board for St. Hubert’s and a number of partners. 


The animals selected for transport are those that were already awaiting adoption in the source shelter.  They were transferred north to find new homes and to free up space for sheltering local pets displaced by the recent flooding until they can be reunited with their families. The alliance between the HSUS and Emergency Placement Partners helps to ensure animals will be safely transported away from disaster areas, obtain the proper care they need and get ready for adoption – all in a timely manner.

Saturday, October 15:  89 dogs and cats boarded the transport early in the morning.  After a stop in Virginia to deliver dogs going to shelters there,  43 dogs and 33 cats/kittens arrived at St. Hubert’s just after dark and when they roled in, they were met by the partners waiting to take guardianship of the pets they had agreed to intake.

In addition to the dogs being welcomed to St. Hubert’s, dogs and cats/kittens  were accepted by EPPs Monmouth County SPCA, Jersey Shore Animal Center, and Cumberland County SPCA in New Jersey as well as The SPCA Serving Erie County NY, New Hampshire SPCA, Upper Valley Humane Society (NH) and Second Chance Animal Shelter (MA).   

St. Hubert’s location in New Jersey and its capacity and experience in managing these animal transfer initiatives, has made St. Hubert’s a regional waystation for emergency transport efforts such as this most recent effort in North Carolina. The transfer/waystation program also allows for a more effective distribution of available pets throughout the northeast, and saves transportation costs, staff time and a duplication of efforts from smaller regional shelters who may not be able to handle the journey themselves.

St. Hubert’s is so grateful for the help and support of all the staff, volunteers and partner organizations involved with this emergency transport. Together we can save more pets within a timely manner and reduce costs. We appreciate Wayne County Animal Adoption and Education Center for trusting us with this very special cargo of pets. St. Hubert’s will care for all the animals left in our care and make sure they find the homes they deserve.

Come and visit our new arrivals and the many other dogs, cats and small and furry pets looking for families to call their own.

Donations towards the care of these homeless pets and other St. Hubert’s emergency transfer efforts are greatly appreciated.

For more information, contact St. Hubert's at 973-377-7094 ext. 242.


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