September 10, 2017

In partnership with Animal Alliance in Lambertville, NJ, St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center offered the first of two free vaccine clinics to 209 Trenton area pets this past weekend. For 67.2% of the animals this was the first time they had ever seen a veterinarian.

Animal Alliance director Annie Trinkle and vet Dr. Kimberly Weisner DVM, worked sided-by-side with volunteer retired vet Dr. Robert Harris to handle the larger-than-usual number of participants. Jose Munoz from Trenton Humane Law Enforcement and Trenton Health Officer James Brownlee were on hand to support this huge effort. 

The Trenton pets received free leashes, collars, tags, and dog food as well as information about the importance of the spay and neuter program. As a result, 61 spay/neuter surgeries were booked at the Animal Alliance location which will provide the no-cost surgeries at its Somerset County clinic.

Trenton clinic line.jpg
Trenton Clinic Line 2.jpg

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