T.A.G - Kids and Canine Clinic 

This kids and canines clinic is designed to provide your child with four fun filled days of training! Your child will spend this interactive clinic building their bond with the family dog by learning fun tricks and games and participating in canine sports like Nosework, Rally and Agility! Come, climb, leap, find-it and “stay” with us in this TAG Clinic where your child will learn to teach your dog to perform tricks to “show off” to their friends and family and learn exciting games that are great for rainy days.” The clinic runs for four consecutive days for one hour each day. This clinic will be open to children ages 8 to 17 years old. Cost is $169.

Prerequisite: All dogs must have graduated from or be currently attending a Puppy Kindergarten, Basic, Basic for Puppy Grads or Petite Pals class. A parent or guardian must be in attendance during the class.


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