Private Pet Training 

If the classroom setting is not right for you, we also offer private one-on-one training. We have a qualified staff to help you train your dog one-on-one in our training facility or in your home. Whether it’s helping you teach your dog basic behaviors or helping you address more specific behavior problems such as poor door manners, housesoiling, destruction, and much, much more.

Our team has also developed very successful protocols for behavior modification programs to help owners deal with their dog's problems relating to separation anxiety, aggression or fearful behaviors. Appointments for specialized behaviors such as aggression, separation anxiety and fear are in high demand and generally book weeks in advance. Please call  us at 973-377-0116 to find out what the next available appointment times are.

The cost of a private training session with one of our professional trainers at St. Hubert's Training & Behavior Center are listed below.

Sessions held at one of our facilities:

1 Hour - for issues such as basic manners, house soiling or destructive habits such as chewing or digging - $149

1.5 Hours - for issues such as aggression, separation anxiety and/or fear - $199
Please note that all appointments for specialty behaviors such as those listed above are always 1.5 hour sessions.

All private sessions requires a $50 deposit (72 hour notice of cancellation required for refund.)

In-home sessions:

$299 for a 60 minute session within a reasonable distance. Please call us at 973-377-0116 for information on your location. 

All private sessions requires a $50 deposit (72 hour notice of cancellation required for refund.)


For many years, St. Hubert’s has assisted numerous breed and animal rescue organizations nationwide.  Private one-on-one in-person behavior counseling has been offered for 20 years.  Now, you can finally benefit from the expertise of our staff without leaving the comfort of your home.  Phone consultations dealing with behavior issues ranging from simple house training for dogs and cats to aggression and fear are designed to deal with specific problems not only in New Jersey but across the country. 

To arrange for a telephone conference, please call our training and behavior center and request that a history intake form be sent to you.  After returning the completed form to us, our staff will give you a call to schedule a convenient time to speak with one of our behavior consultants. 

Scheduling Your Consultation is easy. Just give us a call at: (973) 377-0116

Phone Consultation Rates:

  • 30 minute Consultation - $ 75.00

  • 60 minute Consultation - $149.00

Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, or by sending a check. No checks will be accepted without name, address and phone number on them.

Call us today at (973) 377-0116 to find out which option is best for you and your companion.


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