Lost/Found Pet Report

Sharing your information with us enables us to more effectively aid in the reunion of your missing pet or the reunion of a found pet with his/her family. By submitting your information you understand that your contact information will be made public in the event of a lost pet and may be shared with guardian of a found pet.

Is this for a lost or found animal? *
Type of animal *
If for a cat, is this a community/feral cat?
If for a cat, how often is your cat outside?
Where was the pet last seen or found at? *
Where was the pet last seen or found at?
This pet is friendly with: *
Please select all that apply if known.
What day was the pet lost or found? *
What day was the pet lost or found?
Is the pet male or female?
What is the age of the pet?
Is the pet spayed or neutered?
Is the pet microchipped?
If you have found an animal you can bring him/her to any veterinarian or shelter to be scanned for a microchip.
Was the pet wearing a collar when last seen or found?
Were there any tags on the collar?
IE: Seizures, diabetic, injury, blind, fearful, etc.
IE: Nervous with new people, loves everyone, hides when guests come over, loves toys, etc.
Your Name *
Your Name
Your Phone *
Your Phone
Your Address *
Your Address
IE: Knows "sit", loves tennis balls, does not like cats, etc.

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