K-12 Outreach Education Programs

KDG students learning how to be responsible pet guardians.

KDG students learning how to be responsible pet guardians.

St. Hubert’s offers classroom presentations led by our Humane Educator and Humane Education Volunteers. Presentations can be scheduled for individual or multiple classrooms, troop or youth group meetings. Presentations are offered free of charge, but any monetary donations or items featured on our Wish List are greatly appreciated! For further information, or to schedule a presentation, please email [email protected]

Kind Choices: Animals in Need

Kindergarten- 2nd Grade
Our beginning program is designed to gently introduce the tenets of companion animal care and respect to the youngest students. Through an interactive storytelling lesson utilizing a humane education picture book, students will engage their feelings of compassion for animals by exercising their empathy and participating in instructor-led discussion and reflection. Presentations last between 30 to 35 minutes and can scheduled for small groups.


4th grade students receive a lesson in Safety & Respect, learning to read basic animal body language.

Safety & Respect: Understanding Body Language

3rd & 4th grades
Students will exercise their skills in reading body language in both people and animals. We will discuss cat and dog safety and students’ experiences with the animals in their own lives. Through conversation and student response we will help students to understand the emotional lives of companion animals in order to stay safe in our interactions with them, and to be respectful to their feelings at any given moment. Safety & Respect can be customized to last between 30-45 minutes and requires a projector hook up for visual aids.  

Empathy & Kindness: Influencing Your World

5th & 6th grades

Students will learn about age appropriate animal related issues that we work with at St. Hubert’s as well as abroad in animal welfare including spay and neuter programs, animal adoption and rehoming, animal emergencies, and treating animals in the entertainment and food industry with respect. Students will learn about the emotional lives of non-human animals and the meaning of being an agent of positive change for both people and animals.  Empathy & Kindness lasts about 40 minutes and requires a projector hook up for visual aids.

Circle of Compassion

7th through 12th grades

Students will explore the idea of empathy while they identify who they include in their circle of compassion. Objectification of both people and animals will be introduced as well as the consequences of such actions, such as puppy mills, dog tethering, and factory farming.  Finally, students will learn what they can do to make a positive difference for those being oppressed. Circle of Compassion lasts about 40 minutes and requires a projector hook up for visual aids.



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