News from Houston SPCA on the ground in Texas- quoting Stacy Fox, Houston SPCA“still in active rescue and recovery phase in certain counties and moving into the recovery phase in others. The water is receding, but the needs of our region are tremendous.”

Over 130,000 families have been displaced in Houston/Harris County. Houston SPCA field teams are on the ground responding to rescues of cats and dogs in Harris County and teams are preparing to deploy to Jefferson and Chambers Counties. Transports are moving animals to Atlanta, St. Louis Connecticut and New York to make room for incoming storm victims.

The impact on livestock and horses has been tremendous and SPCA is working with the Texas Animal Health Commission to address the crisis. Yesterday over 90 injured, orphaned or abandoned wild animals were received by Houston SPCA Wildlife Center of Texas.

Donations of pet food, pet supplies for individuals, shelters, rescues are coordinated through the Houston Food Bank, which has become the distribution center for Harris County. Houston SPCA/ are assisting people in the field at donation “Pods” and neighborhood centers, libraries and churches. The situation on the ground in Texas is are from over. Floodwaters are still on the rise.

HSUS: 9/1

Chicago flight is confirmed for Monday Sept 4, 2017. Mutt Nation Foundation is sending full rigs back this morning. Due to fuel shortage into Texas, (major pipeline is down) Flying might be HSUS new and only transport option. The Animal Rescue Team working with agencies on the ground. This will be a long term transport effort

HSUS is structuring programs with local Texas groups to provide resources for the pets of people impacted by Harvey – a positive solution to keeping families together. Many rescue groups have self-deployed and are removing animals, this is a serious problem since some municipalities have lifted stray holds. This activity is heartbreaking for families that lose pets and cannot find them. HSUS is structuring programs with local groups to provide resources for the pets of the people that are impacted by Harvey so we can keep families together.


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