Fearful Friends 

In this 8 week program we will help you to expose your dog to a variety of novel situations at a gentle pace. You will learn about setting appropriate expectations, reading canine body language, understanding fear in dogs, and setting up your dog for safety and success. Activities in class are designed to help your dog build confidence, so they can live their best life. When appropriate, helper dogs will be used to model brave behavior. Instructors will be there to answer all of your questions throughout the course. Other owners of fearful dogs will be present to share ideas and celebrate successes. This class is perfect for dogs who are shy, fearful, or even terrified. Hoarding case dogs, island dogs, puppy mill dogs, or dogs that are fearful for no known reason are all invited to attend. This class is not for dogs that lunge at, bark at, or exhibit aggressive behavior when faced with unfamiliar dogs or people. Please call if  you have questions about eligibility. There are no prerequisites for this class.





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