Help St. Hubert’s Sister Shelter in Georgia Create a Year-Round Outdoor Play Area for Dogs!


Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Shelter is in northern Georgia. It’s a shelter that does a whole lot for animals with minimal resources, and St. Hubert’s works closely with this shelter to improve the lives of the animals.   

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Our sister shelter currently has an outdoor play area for the dogs (see picture), however during the very hot spring and summer months the dogs are typically unable to use this outdoor area because of the extreme heat. (Georgia is hot!) The shelter is in need of money to purchase a carport-like covering of this expansive area so that the dogs will have shade and can enjoy this play area year round. The play area is so important for two reasons: The dogs receive much needed exercise and socialization on a daily basis, and this play time tends to calm them once they return to their kennels which makes them more adoptable when viewed by the public.

With your generous support we can ensure that the dogs in this northern Georgia shelter have happy time every day of the year. Thank you for your compassion!


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