Orphaned Kitten Beats the Odds. #TEAMCORNFLAKE

Help us provide care to Cornflake and all of her shelter friends. 

Meet Cornflake, a special needs kitten who has stolen the hearts of our staff and volunteers. This adorable baby came to us from one of our NJ Sister Shelters in June of this year. Upon arrival we knew she needed medical attention and our staff took immediate action. She was lethargic, had a severe Upper Respiratory Infection and a double eye infection. We quickly noticed she wasn’t as coordinated as other kittens her age. One of our medical team staff members quickly fell in love with this fragile little kitten, dubbed her Cornflake and became her dedicated foster mom. Our veterinarian diagnosed her with Congenital Hypothyroidism, a condition that most kittens her age do not recover from. Over the last two months she has been on effective medications which have helped her start growing at a normal rate and feel like a healthy, young kitten. Cornflake has become quite popular and is now everyone’s favorite morning breakfast treat!

With your generous support we can continue to welcome animals like Cornflake, in need of extra special medical attention, and give them the best possible opportunity for a long, happy life. Thank you for your compassion!


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