Tara the "Cat Whisperer"

A message from Stephen, a cat owner in Oregon, about Tara Sannucci, our Pet Retention Specialist.

Even those of us who have decades of “experience” with cats can reach a point where we question what we should do in that special circumstance.  [For example] whether to bring another pet into a household and, if we do, how to give the new animal the best chance to fit in.  And that was my concern as I hoped to fit in a new, young cat from a shelter with my very bonded ”personal panther”.  As it was, things could go from placid to screaming (panther’s) to the new cat’s hiding under the bed for extended periods, even though sequestered.  So, what to do?  I’d read the literature but it didn’t seem either of my cats had and I began to wonder if the daily standoff was ever going to get better.

Enter Tara Sannucci, St. Hubert’s “cat whisperer”.  Tara had counseled me through some previous pet-related hard times and came through again with my new “situation”.  With practical and compassionate advice, she defused the confrontation between my pets and allowed us all to reach a new equilibrium.  Today, the young Siamese is healing his terrors of his past and has become an aggressive, playful pal for my “personal panther”.  I  have added Tara’s wisdom to my cat information bank and feel more confident with my pets.  Tara ministers (and that’s the word) to both needy pet owners and the animals themselves and I’m very grateful to her and St. Hubert’s.  Somewhere in the Bible there is an observation about loving the least among us, and that’s what Tara and St. Hubert’s do, providing a light in an often dark and indifferent world.


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