Arya & Molly Learn to Peacefully Coexist

Amy was thrilled to adopt a playful feline companion for her resident cat Molly, however after being introduced and living together for three weeks the resident cat still wasn’t as thrilled as Amy was. The cats were separated most of the time and when they were together, they seemed to be hesitant to get too close. Amy called our Pet Helpline and spoke to one of our behavior specialists and began reading the information on our Pet Helpline page ( about acclimating a new cat to a new environment and creative positive associations between the two cats in her home. Amy began engaging both cats in interactive play separately twice a day and continued to work on making their interactions positive. Within a month of her initial call to our Pet Helpline, Amy reported that things were going “much better” and that the cats “occasionally play together and equally chase each other around the house”, with Arya even letting Molly “win”. We know that this relationship will continue to improve with Amy’s dedication!


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