The Blossoming of Cookie

Irene, a recent St. Hubert's adopter, shared this lovely note with Tara, our Pet Retention Specialist. Tara offered behavioral support for Irene and her recently adopted cat, Cookie.

"On December 26, I adopted a beautiful one-year-old tuxedo cat from St. Hubert’s in Madison. She was my Christmas present to me. She had been though devastating hurricanes in Puerto Rico and was very timid and withdrawn. The only thing that was familiar to her was her name, Cookie. She perked her ears whenever she heard it, and so I decided to keep it. With much patience, along with the outstanding support of the behavioral staff St. Hubert’s, Cookie is blossoming into a happy confident cat.

"During the first few weeks in my home, Cookie hunkered down next to the toilet in the powder room. When she ventured out, she was startled by everyday sounds such as the furnace, garbage trucks, airplanes and even the coffee pot. During our three winter nor’easters she hid out, cried out and shivered. “It’s okay,” became my repeated response to her fears. Now whenever she reacts to unexpected noises, I just say “It’s okay,” and she goes on with her daily activities.

"These days, Cookie enjoys basking in the sunshine and looking out the windows at the birds and squirrels in my yard. She sits by the front door in the morning waiting for the mail to drop through the mail slot. Once it does, she sniffs it as though she has won a prize. When she wants to play with a wand toy, she swats my foot and runs toward the closet where I keep it. Then she continues this pattern until I go get the toy. Recently, she has discovered that when I have my hand tightly closed, a treat awaits her discovery. When I call, “Here Cookie," she comes running to sniff my hand and waits for it to open and drop the treat. During the winter months, watching Cookie grow and overcome her fears brightened my days. Now the two of us are enjoying spring together.

"Thank you, St. Hubert’s for bringing Cookie into my life. Thank you, Tara for helping me transition Cookie into her new life. St. Hubert’s is a beautiful facility with employees and volunteers who care about the animals and those who adopt them."


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