Gracie & Oscar Reunite with the Litter Box!

Liz contacted our helpline in early March and stated, "I have been struggling with this for a great many years. I have two cats. They pee (not spray) around the perimeter of carpeted rooms. I can't even remember all the things I have tried to remedy it thru the years." Two and half months later, after diligently following one of our cat behavior expert's advice, Liz had this to report on Gracie and Oscar: "I have really appreciated your help. I was directed well by you.   It has made a world of difference and much greater peace for me!!!!! That is priceless!  [H]opefully I am on the right track now and will not have any further problems. Fingers crossed. Thank you again, again, again, for all your guidance. It has made a huge difference!!! I think there would be a lot less cats given up if people had access to resources like you."


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