The New Honey Bear

A letter from Honey Bear's pet parents who participated in St. Hubert's Training and Behavior Center's Feisty Fido class for dogs who don't get along with other dogs:

Honey Bear and my husband and I would not be family without Feisty Fido! We were embarrassed by Honey when we first got her, when we would go out in public. She would get in fights, was un-walkable and car rides were unbearable! We first sought help in a place that showed dogs but that was not a good fit. Honey met force with force and when I asked for help for her biting was publicly  shamed. That has never once ever happened at St. Hubert's Feisty Fido we were welcomed and helped with all our problems from biting, pulling, aggression to how to be calm!!! We can now ride in the car without a panic attack!!! We can go on walks and go out in public. We are not perfect, but we now have the skills to recover so much faster and Honey has a way of asking for what she wants without hurting us.

I cannot thank Meg and the team at St. Hubert's enough. St. Hubert's Fiesty Fido is a a turning point in our relationship with Honey. 

Thank you, 

Honey, Ashley and Jason

Honey Bear 1.jpg

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