Twin Role Models

Aidan and Evan Alvarez, two middle schoolers from Roosevelt Intermediate School in Westfield, were asked to do some service work for school. Having their own dog at home as well as being avid animal lovers, they decided to organize a donation drive to benefit the animals of St. Hubert's. After learning about what was most needed at the shelter, the boys created and posted signs throughout their neighborhood and community. They designated a local gym as a drop off spot and placed boxes there for collection. On a daily basis, they picked up the donations and brought them back to their home to sort and organize. The drop off at St. Hubert's took place on Sunday, April 29. The boys delivered armloads of bedding for our cats and dogs, as well as dog food and treats, newspapers, and general supplies. Aidan and Evan were then treated to a VIP tour of the shelter. It just goes to show what a huge impact kids can have!

Aidan and Evan.jpg

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