A Long and Valued History with our Training and Behavior Center

The following is a note sent to the Director of St. Hubert's Training and Behavior Center.

"My husband and I adopted a 5 yr, old golden two months ago and, of course, immediately began basic training at St. Hubert’s, with the goal of getting her ready for pet therapy certification. Kaley is the latest amongst our dogs, starting 22 yrs. ago, who is training in your program. All of the goldens started in kindergarten and continued through super advanced and the great outdoors and the certification course, with some  agility and rally thrown in. Nick, one of my goldens, had issues with large male dogs and got straightened out after taking Feisy I and II and Feisty agility. He was an amazing therapy dog for over 10 yrs.

Two of our dogs, a border mix and a border, were St. Hubert’s adoptees, who I brought home when volunteering there as a canine coach. They both were coming from tough backgrounds.  The courses steadied them, gave them confidence and I know enhanced their lives.

Every trainer, over all of these years, like Kaley’s teacher Gail,  has been positive, enthusiastic, professional and encouraging. The training school’s philosophy of humane education is something I subscribe to completely and actually talk about to children on pet therapy visits.

In a topsy-turvy world, the consistency, availability and quality of your program is a godsend to people like my husband and myself who believe strongly in canines as good citizens, through kind, positive training.

Kaley and Friends.jpeg

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