Bodey is a Good Boy!

An e-mail from a family that adopted Bodey:

"In September of 2017 my family and I adopted a grey lab mix named Zion, at St. Huberts in
Madison, New Jersey. The name fit his size, but we quickly realized his personality is not so
lofty and noble. He is loving, goofy, wiggly and had so many kisses for anyone and everyone.
So we decided to rename him Bodey and it fits him perfectly. St. Huberts provided us with a
scholarship [to the Training and Behavior Center] so Bodey could learn the basic training he needed. Every Friday night we went as a family to his class and learned from his excellent teacher at St Huberts. Bodey learned quickly and eagerly in the fun, patient and supportive environment. Our instructor Amber also helped us with many of the not so fun parts of Bodey’s personality, like his love of chewing shoes, and his need to lunge after squirrels. With her help and instruction, we corrected the behavioral issues and grew closer with our wonderful dog as owners and as a family."


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