Thanks to Ridge High School for Their Support!

There is no acting going on when it comes to the Ridge High School Drama Club's commitment to helping animals. The students utilized their winter production of Annie the Musical to benefit St. Hubert's. Throughout the week leading to their production, the club's members asked their peers and the larger community for cash donations and wish list items for St. Hubert's. St. Hubert's was also provided with a full-page advertisement, free of charge, in their playbill. In addition, the students invited St. Hubert's to set up an informational table in the performance hall's lobby and some of our wonderful volunteers provided information to the play's attendees about adoption and other ways to support our organization. Two of the leaders of the Drama Club, Olivia Gong and Loan Ho, visited St. Hubert's with the collected donations, and they had the opportunity to meet our adoptable animals.


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