Arturo and His Dog

Arturo met St. Hubert's staff at our free vaccine clinic in Dover in October. He told us a sad story: for two years he had been living in his pick up truck with his 9 year old lab mix, Trumpo. Although Arturo lived in subsidized housing, he was not allowed to bring Trumpo into his apartment and so he spent all his time, including every night, in the truck with his dog. Arturo has a sister in Honduras who lives in a home with a lot of land and she was happy to take Trumpo. When Arturo met us at the Dover vaccine clinic, he had already saved up money for flying Trumpo to Honduras, but he was in need of a large airline approved dog crate and an international health certificate. St. Hubert's provided him with both and now Trumpo is happy in his new home and Arturo can sleep soundly in his own bed knowing his beloved dog is safe.


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