Thanksgiving with Samaritan Homeless Interim Program

St. Hubert’s Community Outreach team of Nora Parker, Matt Wildman and Jenn Gregory attended Thanksgiving Day at Samaritan Homeless Interim Program’s (S.H.I.P) Holiday Meals Program at the United Reformed Church in Somerville. While there, they provided tote bags with pet food, toys and treats to pet owners to bring home to their babies for the holidays. Among the dozens of pet owners who received a gift bag was Susan who told Jenn about her three beautiful cats and how much they were going to appreciate the food and toys. She continued to tell Jenn that because of transportation and financial issues she hadn’t been able to get them to the vet in a very long time and she was worried about them. They were all older cats and she wanted to make sure they were all okay. The following week, Jenn transported all of Susan's cats to St. Hubert's where they received updated vaccines. Susan was beside herself that St. Hubert’s would go out of their way to help her and was so thankful for the whole experience. Jenn was grateful for the opportunity to help bring such joy this holiday season to clients like Susan.


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