Arturo and His Dog

Arturo met St. Hubert's staff at our free vaccine clinic in Dover in October. He told us a sad story: for two years he had been living in his pick up truck with his 9 year old lab mix, Trumpo. Although Arturo lived in subsidized housing, he was not allowed to bring Trumpo into his apartment and so he spent all his time, including every night, in the truck with his dog. Arturo has a sister in Honduras who lives in a home with a lot of land and she was happy to take Trumpo. When Arturo met us at the Dover vaccine clinic, he had already saved up money for flying Trumpo to Honduras, but he was in need of a large airline approved dog crate and an international health certificate. St. Hubert's provided him with both and now Trumpo is happy in his new home and Arturo can sleep soundly in his own bed knowing his beloved dog is safe.


Thanksgiving with Samaritan Homeless Interim Program

St. Hubert’s Community Outreach team of Nora Parker, Matt Wildman and Jenn Gregory attended Thanksgiving Day at Samaritan Homeless Interim Program’s (S.H.I.P) Holiday Meals Program at the United Reformed Church in Somerville. While there, they provided tote bags with pet food, toys and treats to pet owners to bring home to their babies for the holidays. Among the dozens of pet owners who received a gift bag was Susan who told Jenn about her three beautiful cats and how much they were going to appreciate the food and toys. She continued to tell Jenn that because of transportation and financial issues she hadn’t been able to get them to the vet in a very long time and she was worried about them. They were all older cats and she wanted to make sure they were all okay. The following week, Jenn transported all of Susan's cats to St. Hubert's where they received updated vaccines. Susan was beside herself that St. Hubert’s would go out of their way to help her and was so thankful for the whole experience. Jenn was grateful for the opportunity to help bring such joy this holiday season to clients like Susan.


Daisy Troop Earns Their Caring Pedals

The 1st grade Hartshorn Elementary Daisy Troop received an educational tour of our Madison facility, which helped them earn their 'caring' petal.  Their troop leader wrote, "Dear Karen, on behalf of the 1st grade Hartshorn Elementary Daisy Troop, thank you so much for leading the tour through St. Hubert’s. It was so informative and interesting and you provided a great way for the girls to earn their caring petal. The work you do is extraordinary. Thank you for your kindness and generosity and for being such a wonderful role model."


Girlscout troop.JPG

Congratulations Wiley and Cheryl!


October 18, 2017 - Wiley Venezia (formerly Romeo) showing off his fancy new St. Hubert’s Training School diploma and his amazing “Sit & Stay” skills! Cheryl, his very proud dog-mom, accompanied Wiley through our Basic Obedience class and made sure that he did all of his homework! Wiley was adopted from St. Hubert’s back in August and his favorite hobbies include snuggling, giving doggy kisses, and going for boat rides (but he hates the water)! 

School is Back in Session!

Karen School Pic - Robert Morris.JPG

October 18, 2017 - A total of 138 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students from the Robert Morris Elementary School in South Bound Brook received a variety of St. Hubert’s Humane Education lesson on October 16th and 17th. Topics including Safety & Respect and Empathy & Compassion were discussed in small groups.  In addition, the students had the opportunity to meet some very sweet domestic mice.  Needless to say, these little critters were a big hit with the students!


Temporary Loving Critter Care (TLCC)

October 1, 2017 - One of the domestic violence agencies that St. Hubert’s partners with recently referred to us a mother and daughter and their dog. The agency provided them with shelter while St. Hubert’s placed their dog in one of our foster homes. Knowing that their dog was safe and being cared for gave the mother and daughter peace of mind during what was already a stressful time in their lives. After several months the family found a new home and they picked up their loving dog and started their new life. They were so thankful, stating “If it were not for St. Hubert’s we don’t know what we would have done.”

Training and Behavior Center Success


August 2017 - Casey was transferred to St. Hubert’s from a shelter in Georgia, and in June he was adopted by the Perez family. Casey needed some work on his manners and received a scholarship to attend a Basic Obedience class at St. Hubert’s Training and Behavior Center. The family took advantage of their scholarship shortly after adoption and in August Casey graduated with flying colors!


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