Beyond The Basics

Advanced Training          

This class expands upon basic cues such as coming when called and wait, but it takes them to a higher level. You will learn emergency cues and new behaviors that are geared to be effective even if your dog gets loose. Stopping your dog if he is running away from you, signaling your dog to go into a down from a distance, and asking your dog to come to you while ignoring distractions are just a few of the skills that you will learn in this class. Preparing for safety in the real world is emphasized. This is an 8 week class and it is limited to 8 dogs. Cost $199.

This 8-week course is limited to 8 dogs and is open to any dog that has completed our Basic, Basic for Puppy Grads or Petite Pals course

Great Outdoors

Many dogs appear perfectly trained inside the house, but become distracted when faced with the distractions of nature. This is an outdoor class* that focuses on building reliability when out and about, and at greater distances than were practiced inside. Behaviors such as coming when called and leave-it are taken to new heights when they are practiced on our 13 acre Woodland Avenue property. We work in safe, fenced in areas and with 15-30 ft. long lines. This 6 week class is limited to 6 dogs and open to any dog that has completed Advanced Training (Formally known as Off Leash Wonders). Cost $169. * In case of bad weather, class will move indoors to one of our spacious rings. Please call 973-377-0116 press 1 for the weather information line for weather related class changes.

Sports Sampler      

Whether it be the two hour Sports Sampler Workshop or the four week course, here is your opportunity to learn about the exciting sports of Agility, Nosework and Rally. Both are designed to provide you with FUN while introducing you and your pet to canine sports. Have you ever wondered what Nosework and Rally are all about, or seen Agility on TV and wondered if your dog could do it? Here's a chance to try out sports such Rally, Nosework and Agility without having to commit to a full 8-week class. The four week class will also throw in a week of tricks for some extra fun! Come, climb, leap, find-it and "stay" with us in this sampler course. All sizes, breeds and ages can enjoy participating. Cost $49 for the two hour workshop or $129 for the four week class.

Puppies must have finished Puppy Kindergarten or equivalent.

Nosework Sampler

This one hour class will introduce you and your pet to the  sport of Nosework. Have you ever wondered what Nosework is all about and wondered if your dog could do it? Here's a chance to try out.  This one day, one hour class is designed will introduce you to this new, exciting, detection-style sport. This class  designed to develop your dog's natural scenting abilities by using their curiosity, desire to hunt, and their love of toys, food and exercise.  It's a great way for any dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy. 


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