ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center

The ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center opened at St. Hubert's Madison campus in March 2013. The Center is the first-ever facility dedicated strictly to providing behavioral rehabilitation to canine victims of cruelty, such as those confiscated from puppy mills and hoarding cases. The Center’s findings will be the basis of a research study that will be shared with animal welfare organizations and scientific communities across the country.

ASPCA behaviorists use customized behavior modification treatments to reduce fear and anxiety in the mistreated dogs. Treatment plans incorporate the use of scientifically sound techniques designed to reduce the dogs' fear of people and other dogs, acquainting them to unfamiliar objects, sounds, living areas, and real-life situations that can induce trauma and severe stress among this population. The behaviorists are supported by behavior and care experts as well as volunteers from St. Hubert’s. Dogs that graduate from the rehabilitation program are placed within ASPCA's network of Response Partner shelters across the country, including St. Hubert’s, to be prepared for adoption.

St. Hubert's is proud to play a part in this ground-breaking project that is changing the lives of animals who previously had little hope and where the research and methods developed will eventually benefit dogs in similar situations everywhere. In early 2017 the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center moved to its new permanent location in North Carolina. We are so grateful to them for all they have done to further St. Hubert's mission. 

Trapped in a puppy mill, Coconut the dog had never known love. Watch a video of Coconut's amazing transformation and recovery below.

Learn about Robin and Kaya, two dogs rescued from a meat farm in South Korea and transferred to the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center, and watch a National Geographic video about their progress below.


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