This 8-week course is an introduction into the agility program and will provide a firm foundation for future canine sports.  This course is designed to introduce dogs of any age (including puppies) to the basic concepts needed in agility and other sports.  Impulse control, body awareness, and shaping are some of the topics to be covered. 

This course is for dogs of any age and is a prerequisite for the Beginner course


This 8-week course is geared to the dog/handler team whose long-term goal is to learn the basic concepts of agility. This course will provide an introduction to some agility equipment and participants may do a few small sequences. This is a foundation course and will require homework to ensure the dog's long term success.

Dog and handler must have graduated from the Foundation course

Advanced Beginner           

This 8-week class is geared to the dog/handler team that has successfully completed the Beginner course. The focus will be on building proficiency on all equipment, although the equipment may not necessarily be at full height. 

Participants should have graduated from the Beginner course and able to run short, 3-4 obstacle sequences and "weave" 4 poles (may be open)


This 8-week course is geared to the dog/handler team continuing on from the Advanced Beginner level and covers sequencing, polishing obstacle performance, building the dog's confidence and enthusiasm, and introducing the handler to basic course analysis skills. 

Participants must be competent at the Advanced Beginner skill level, demonstrate proficiency on all obstacles (not necessarily at full height), be able to run short, 4-6 obstacle sequences and "weave" 6 poles (may be open).


This 8-week class is geared to the dog/handler team that is continuing on from the Intermediate level. More difficult and longer sequences will be presented. Special attention will be paid to maintaining fast and accurate obstacle performance while using more advanced handling techniques. Handler will further develop course analysis, handling, and team communication skills.

Participants must be competent at the Intermediate skill level, able to run 6-8 obstacle sequences and weaving 6 closed poles

Training For Competition         

These 6 week courses are geared to the dog/handler team that is competing or ready to compete.  Emphasis will be on obstacle performance, handling skills, and course analysis.

Appropriate skill level is indicated in the individual class description

Pre-Novice/Novice Competition           

This 8-week class is geared to the dog/handler team that is competent on all obstacles and is working at the Pre-Novice or Novice level. Emphasis will be on obstacle performance and handling skills.

Participants must be at the Pre-Novice or Novice skill level, able to run 8-10 obstacle sequences and weaving 12 closed poles

Open/Excellent/Elite/Masters Competition 

This 8-week course is geared to the dog/handler team competing at the Open/Excellent/Elite/Masters levels. Challenging sequences and courses will be presented. Handler will polish course analysis skills and begin applying advanced handling techniques.

Participants must be at the Open/Excellent/Elite/Masters skill level

Handling Skills    

These 8 week course are geared towards those who wish to improve overall handling skills.  Courses may cover topics such as timing of crosses, distance handling, setting an efficient line, among other topics.  Class description will indicate focus of that particular class. 

Participants should be working at the Advanced level or higher

Distance Skills

This 4-week course will help you improve your distance skills.  Emphasis will be on increasing your current distance skills and knowing how to work the line.  Participants should be able to send their dog away for a distance of 8'-10'.   Cost is $86.

Feisty Fidos™ Agility        

This class is open to dogs that are human and/or dog reactive or handlers that just want a class where other dogs won't be in the ring a the same time. Class ilimited to 6 dogs. Dogs should be able to perform all or most obstacles independently. Each team will work at their own level. Handler should have knowledge of hoe ot work with a reactive dog using positive methods only. A crate MUST be brought to each class.

Special Skills Classes & Workshops           

Agility workshops and special skills classes are offered on an occasional basis – details may be found in the class/workshop descriptions.