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Agility - Adv. Beginner Sunday 6/30 1:00PM Agility Field

Class runs from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM every Sunday beginning on 6/30 and ending on 9/8. There is no class on 7/14, 8/18, 9/1.
This 8-week class is geared to the dog/handler team that has successfully completed the Beginner course. The focus will be on building proficiency on all equipment, although the equipment may not necessarily be at full height. Participants should have graduated from the Beginner course and able to run short, 3-4 obstacle sequences and "weave" 4 poles (may be open). Cost is $169.
Note: This class is scheduled to meet outdoors at the agility field. In the event of inclement weather, class will be held indoors in Rings 2 & 3. Any changes to location will be noted on the weather line.


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