This course is designed to provide you with four weeks of FUN while introducing you and your pet to canine sports.  Have you ever wondered what Nosework is all about or seen Agility on TV and wondered if your dog could do it?  Here’s a chance to try out sports such as Disc Dog, Nosework, and Agility without having to commit to a full 8 week class.  We’ll also throw in a week of tricks for some extra fun!  Come, crawl, leap, fetch, find, and rollover with us in this new sampler course! All sizes, breeds and ages can enjoy participating.

Puppies must have finished Puppy Kindergarten or equivalent.

Weather Related and School Closing

All classes are being held at there scheduled times.

If weather is questionable call the weather information line 973-377-0116 press 1.

Please check back here for regular updates.



Schedule & Registration Information:

Puppy & Basic
     Puppy Kindergarten
     Basic for Puppy Grads
     Basic Training
     Petite Pals

Beyond Basics
     Advanced (formally Off Leash Wonders)
     Great Outdoors

     Nosework Introduction
     Nosework Intermediate
     Introduction to Odor
     Odor & Continuing

Advanced Beginner

    Rally Level 1 / Novice
    Rally Level 2 / Advanced
    Rally Level 3 / Excellent

Feisty FIDOs
     Level 1
     Level 2
     Level 3

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