Browse pets available for adoption at our Madison, North Branch, and Mt. Olive locations on

North Branch
Mt. Olive

Please scroll through the results to see all of the animals, including dog, cats and small companions, available for adoption. Or, use the fields at the top of the page to refine your search.

Shelter Locations

Madison Shelter                                              North Branch Shelter                         
575 Woodland Avenue                                    3201 Route 22 East                           
Madison   973.377.2295                                 North Branch  908.526.3330              

                             Mt. Olive Everyday Adoption Center
                             PetSmart Mt. Olive
                             50 International Drive South
                             Mt. Olive, NJ 07836 973.448.7601 x.7

Cats and kittens are also available for adoption at St. Hubert's Permanent Adoption Kiosks at these off-site locations.

Adoption Fees

Dogs: $275
Puppies: $300
Cats: $150
Kittens: $175
Birds and small furry animals: Adoption fee varies by species

Adoption Hours

Madison & North Branch Shelters
Sunday-Tuesday, Noon to 4pm

Wednesday-Saturday, Noon to 6pm
Open EVERY day except Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Everyday Adoption Center at PetSmart Mt. Olive
Monday-Saturday 9am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 8pm

Adoption Process

Our professional staff and open, friendly adoption policies make selecting your new family member a pleasant and joyful experience. Adoption counselors look forward to chatting with you about your individual preferences and arranging a “meet and greet” visitation with the many wonderful pets waiting to begin their lives anew. We are here to assist in making a match that will endure and will be mutually satisfying to both pet and human guardian. Dogs and cats available for adoption have been examined, temperament assessed, bathed and groomed, fully vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and are spayed/neutered prior to release, including puppies and kittens. All are sent home with new collars, leashes and a supply of the food they are accustomed to eating during their stay with St. Hubert’s.

The relationship between adopter and St. Hubert’s doesn’t end once the paperwork is completed. We consider our adopters to be a part of the St. Hubert’s “family” and our staff is available to offer guidance and suggestions, if needed, during the pet’s transition to his or her new home and family. Dog adopters have access to our professional canine behavior counselors and receive a discount at our renowned dog training school. We encourage adopters to be in touch and enjoy receiving updates and photos of our former charges.




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