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St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center ARK

Animals, Responsibility and Kids

Humane Education for grades 3 and 4

St. Hubert’s ARK (Animals, Responsibility and Kids) humane education program fosters compassion and empathy using animals to underscore our connection and responsibility to others.  With role playing and situation set-ups, our free ARK classes stress character, compassion and the choices students can make to have a positive effect on their world within “arms’ reach.”  Because of the focus on empathy and compassion, ARK humane education classes are excellent tools in the state mandated school Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) prevention campaigns in addition to fulfilling elements of core curriculum standards for character development, communicating, and decision making.

 We offer the ARK program free of charge to third and fourth grade students in elementary schools.

 Class series:

  •  Do The Right Thing – Kind Choices (45 - 60 minutes, grades 3 and 4) 

We want children to grow into caring, compassionate adults. By reading a book that tells the story about a homeless animal, we teach children to respect and be sensitive to the needs of animals and have a positive role in saving them.  The children will project their senses of right and wrong in exercises designed to inspire empathy through reading, illustrations and interactive role-playing.

  •  Cats and Dogs: Caring and Responsibility (60 minutes, grades 3)

What do you need to properly care for a pet?  The educator leads this fun and interactive discussion and encourages students' imaginations by using play-acting to help demonstrate the responsibility (and “tools”) needed to care for pets.

  •  Within Arms’ Reach – Influencing Your World (45 - 60 minutes, grades 3 and 4)

What is St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center?  What does St. Hubert’s do?  How can I help? With pictures and stories of individual rescued animals, the teacher guides students through our mission of rescuing homeless animals, saving lives and how students can use their powers to have a positive impact on animals, their community and the world within and beyond arms’ reach.

  •  Safety and Respect – Reading Body Language and Minds (60 minutes, grade 4)

To be safe around animals you must understand their body language.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that there are almost 5 million reported dog bites a year.  Half of these incidents involve children and many can be prevented.  With role playing and situation set-ups, our Safety and Respect class stresses dog safety by teaching how to read dogs’ (and peoples’) minds and body language, anticipating their potential responses, becoming aware of how our actions have an impact on others and behaving appropriately.

 For more information or to schedule a class, email Stephanie Salazar at  or call 973.377.7094 Ext. 234.  Presentations are available weekdays only during school hours.  A maximum of 40 students is permitted at each presentation, and a minimum of 10 must attend. Please call at least a month in advance to secure the date and time you need.          

Our Humane Education classes help in our mission to rescue and save the lives of homeless animals and promote understanding, compassion and responsibility.  We appreciate donations to help us continue this work.




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