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If your dog has a bone to pick with other dogs (as a result of fear or otherwise), the Basic pet class is not a conducive environment for him to learn in. Feisty FIDOs™ is a three-part course created and designed specifically by St. Hubert’s for dogs that have “issues” with other dogs.

NOTE: Handlers must be at least 16 years of age or older.  Anyone under 18 must have an adult present during all classes.  All family members are welcome to attend and observe the class.

Level I

This is a specialty 8 - week course run by 2 instructors plus assistants. You will learn how to better read your dog's challenging postures, proper handling skills and become familiar with techniques using desensitization and counter-conditioning.  All dogs will be desensitized to wearing a muzzle due to the nature of the course.  (Special Equipment included).

This 8-week course is limited to 6 dogs

Level II                                        

This 6-week course will be held outdoors at our shelter located at 575 Woodland Ave.and will help you continue with your Level I training in a real-life environment. ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE COMPLETED FEISTY FIDOs LEVEL 1, OR MUST HAVE BEEN APPROVED TO JOIN FROM ONE OF OUR PRIVATE TRAINERS. Discounts are not available for this course.

This 6-week course is limited to 8 dogs


This 8-week class is open to dogs that are human and/or dog reactive or handlers that just want a class where other dogs won't be in the ring at the same time. Class is limited to 6 dogs. Dogs should be able to perform all or most obstacles independently. Each team will work at their own level. Handler should have knowledge of how to work with a reactive dog using positive methods only. A crate MUST be brought to each class. Cost is $179.


This 6-week course will introduce you to a new, exciting, detection-style sport. Nosework is designed to channel your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their curiosity, desire to hunt, and eagerness to work for rewards. It’s a great way for any dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy. Dogs are sniffing it up! Dogs that have trouble around other dogs learn how to relax around other dogs by participating in stimulating searches. ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE COMPLETED Feisty FIDOs LEVEL 1.

PLEASE NOTE: All dogs are crated during this class when they are not physically working. All owners must bring a crate, 30 ft long line, treats and Snoot Loop or Gentle Leader Head Halter for their dogs.

Class is limited to 6 dogs .

Weather Related and School Closing

There will be no classes on Sun 7/3 and Mon 7/4. 

If weather is questionable call the weather information line 973-377-0116 press 1.

Please check back here for regular updates.



Schedule & Registration Information:

Puppy & Basic
     Puppy Kindergarten
     Basic for Puppy Grads
     Basic Training
     Petite Pals

Beyond Basics
     Advanced (formally Off Leash Wonders)
     Great Outdoors

     Nosework Introduction
     Nosework Intermediate
     Introduction to Odor
     Odor & Continuing

Advanced Beginner

    Rally Level 1 / Novice
    Rally Level 2 / Advanced
    Rally Level 3 / Excellent

Feisty FIDOs
     Level 1
     Level 2
     Level 3

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